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Last one from the tattoo themed exhibition. This one used a lot more goldwork techniques (oh, the couching!), something which I’m still learning but loving.

those bullion knots

couching, couching, couching

anchors away!

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oh mother

Now I’m playing a little bit of catch up here – this piece (and the one which’ll go up in the next few days) have been blogged about before on my old blog and on flickr. Apologies to all who’ve already seen it, but I really want this blog to be the home of my embroidery activites and so I’m going to put up these few pieces from my recent exhibition.

barbed, rosy mummy stumpwork

Like the heart, this was inspired by kitschy flash tattoos. I didn’t keep the same style going through all pieces though, as I was interested in trying different techniques and looks on the same inspiration source.

bleeding rose

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Well, I’ve finally started this blog, after a long time of thinking about it and procrastinating. It’s still getting tweaked a bit, so the page will change over the next few weeks, but I figured I may as well start now. So this is my stitching space!

Hi, I’m Jacinta and I embroider.

This piece is another of the stumpwork tattoo-inspired embroideries I did  a while ago. You can see more on my Flickr page.


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I’m currently working on a series of classic tattoo-inspired stumpwork pieces. Stumpwork is an old English embroidery technique which creates 3D pieces. I love doing it, but most of the stuff that’s out there is very… medieval. So I’m trying something different, and making it up a bit. Some of the methods are true to stumpwork, some aren’t , but I’m really starting to like what’s coming out of this playing around.

This is the first piece: a flaming heart.