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Queen - graffiti cross stitch pattern
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This week’s pattern is now available on Etsy. Queen – ostensibly to go along with King, but in reality totally has control of the realm.

It’s an easy pattern with a straight forward colour palette and using only full stitches so it’s quick to stitch up.

King and Queen as matching cushions, perchance? Maybe I should do a Knave next….

Stitch - graffiti cross stitch pattern
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Stitch - cross stitched on a tapestry canvas

Sometimes it’s just as simple as Stitch, right?

This pattern, a 100% original Stitchalicious design, was first published in the book Anticraft: Knitting, Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister and is now available as an individual pattern in my Etsy shop. It uses only full cross stitches and back stitch.

The stitched example model in the photo is the cross stitched onto a painted tapestry canvas. The tapestry itself was not stitched. It used three strands of Anchor floss for the cross stitch and two strands for back stitch. As can be seen, for improved contrast, the outside of the pattern was stitched in blue rather than pink. Painted tapestry canvases can be purchased from almost any shop selling embroidery supplies.

Stitch - cross stitch design

Cre8 - graffiti cross stitch pattern
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cre8 @ east side gallery

Want an inspirational quote for your wall, but not one of those posters with a photo of a sunset and the word tranquility under it? Don’t you think your cubicle needs something a little more, well, interesting?

The pattern for this bit of sprayer fun is, of course, available at my etsy shop. The design is only full cross stitches, so a great beginners piece, and working it on larger fabric (eg 14 ct Aida or higher) with more threads would make the perfect wall hanging for that cubicle partition.

The pattern is available from my etsy shop, StitchaliciousDesign, in three colourways, or in a discount three-pack containing all. Also included are instructions for beginners and athread key for both DMC and Anchor.

The model in the photo above was stitched on 16 ct black Aida and,, for the curious, has been photographed in front of Berlin’s East Side Gallery (part of the original wall in case you aren’t familiar with it) by Matti Hillig.

Cre8 - green colourway

Cre8 - blue colourway

Cre8 - brown colourway

Atrocity - graffiti cross stitch design
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The first graffiti cross stitch design – Atrocity! (because, well, I always wanted to be one, but was more of a book-lovin’ geek).

The downloadable design comes in three seperate colourways – pink, orange and blue – all of which are in the shop. Pick which one best appeals to you or buy the three-pack containing all colourways for just a fraction more. The design contains only full cross stitches and back stitch, so is perfect for beginners or more advanced stitchers that just want to chill out with some relaxing x’s. The pattern comes with a floss key for both DMC and Anchor threads and includes basic cross stitching instructions.

The stitched model in the photo above is the pink colourway, done on 28 count salmon coloured linen over two, using two threads of DMC floss for both the cross stitches and the back stitch. It was then used to make the bag shown.

Close up of the Atrocity graffiti cross stitch bag

Atrocity - pink colourway

Graffiti cross stitch design

Atrocity - orange colourway

graffiti cross stitch design

Atrocity - blue colourway

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A while back I tweeted that I was accepted into the City of Craft festival in Toronto in December, so I figured I’d give you a quick shot of the work-in-progress. I had a very definate idea in mind for this, wanting to emulate stencil graffiti in stitch and so I figured I could probably use blackwork for that. What do you think, has it worked out? There’s still a few more pieces to stitch to complete it, but they’re simpler than this so – come hell or high water – I will get this finished this weekend!

Overall pic. Because this piece is so large  (stitched are is ~60cm high) it doesnt fit on any of my frames and I have to stitch in hand. The creases WILL be removed from the finished piece!

Overall pic. Because this piece is so large (stitched are is ~60cm high) it doesn't fit on any of my frames and I have to stitch in hand. The creases WILL be removed from the finished piece!

Close up of the face so you can see how the density of the diaper pattern changes to give the shading effect

Close up of the face so you can see how the density of the diaper pattern changes to give the shading effect

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Two and a half years ago TheAnticraft opened up submissions for their book and -much to my astonishment- accepted my proposal. Unfortunately,  I only found their email really close to the deadline, plus I was in Australia on holidays and I didn’t have any of the materials I needed to make it. So I trundled down to the local stitching store and had an amusing conversation with the owner as I was picking out a needlepoint canvas for the background – because I was looking for the tackiest one I could find and she was gushing over the beauty my choice. I am assuming it was good salesmanship. And then I stitched twelve hour days for several weeks. Can anyone say serious shoulder pain?

Now, after the piece flew to the States, was beautifully framed and photographed and published, I’ve got it back. I happened to have a frame which fit it (not as sexy as the one in the book unfortunately) so I’ve put it up for a while. It’s interesting looking back on a piece you haven’t seen in over two years and although I don’t tend to put my own stitching on my walls, I think I’ll keep this one up for a bit.

Stitch Graffiti

Stitch Graffiti