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Two and a half years ago TheAnticraft opened up submissions for their book and -much to my astonishment- accepted my proposal. Unfortunately,  I only found their email really close to the deadline, plus I was in Australia on holidays and I didn’t have any of the materials I needed to make it. So I trundled down to the local stitching store and had an amusing conversation with the owner as I was picking out a needlepoint canvas for the background – because I was looking for the tackiest one I could find and she was gushing over the beauty my choice. I am assuming it was good salesmanship. And then I stitched twelve hour days for several weeks. Can anyone say serious shoulder pain?

Now, after the piece flew to the States, was beautifully framed and photographed and published, I’ve got it back. I happened to have a frame which fit it (not as sexy as the one in the book unfortunately) so I’ve put it up for a while. It’s interesting looking back on a piece you haven’t seen in over two years and although I don’t tend to put my own stitching on my walls, I think I’ll keep this one up for a bit.

Stitch Graffiti

Stitch Graffiti

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Cross stitch frog with ribbon leaves

This is my new favourite summer bag. It was a surprisingly quick make, once I’d sat down and made metres and metres of bias tape. The outer layer of the bag is a really coarse kind of hessian I found ages ago and was just perfect to cross stitch on.  I used a photo of a tree frog peering through some long grass as inspiration and just took off from there. The cross stitch was done with embroidery wool and the leaves are ribbon that I also had lying around (sometimes having a ridiculous stash of fabric and thread comes in useful!).

Frog bag as modeled by Leon Dog Wonder

Frog bag as modeled by Leon Dog Wonder

I kind of freehanded the bag, so it has a large back pocket and the smaller, angled front pocket where the frog sits. The whole thing is held together by bias tape I made from the same fabric and which I also made the (slightly too long) straps out of. The only thing missing is a clasp or zipper, but as a quick tote it’s perfect.

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I’m currently working on a series of classic tattoo-inspired stumpwork pieces. Stumpwork is an old English embroidery technique which creates 3D pieces. I love doing it, but most of the stuff that’s out there is very… medieval. So I’m trying something different, and making it up a bit. Some of the methods are true to stumpwork, some aren’t , but I’m really starting to like what’s coming out of this playing around.

This is the first piece: a flaming heart.