Stitch - graffiti cross stitch pattern
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Stitch – graffiti cross stitch pattern

Stitch - cross stitched on a tapestry canvas

Sometimes it’s just as simple as Stitch, right?

This pattern, a 100% original Stitchalicious design, was first published in the book Anticraft: Knitting, Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister and is now available as an individual pattern in my Etsy shop. It uses only full cross stitches and back stitch.

The stitched example model in the photo is the cross stitched onto a painted tapestry canvas. The tapestry itself was not stitched. It used three strands of Anchor floss for the cross stitch and two strands for back stitch. As can be seen, for improved contrast, the outside of the pattern was stitched in blue rather than pink. Painted tapestry canvases can be purchased from almost any shop selling embroidery supplies.

Stitch - cross stitch design

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