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this one’s about knitting, but I’ll try not to do that again

There’s really no need for me to ever say anything about knitting. Firstly because there are uncountable excellent knitting resources out there, and secondly because I can’t knit. I had a brief, nightmarish foray into scarf creation at the age of six with some monstrous yellow knitting needles and baby-poo coloured wool and I’ve never gone back.

Until recently, when I bit the bullet and did a knitting workshop. There I was convinced to try my hand at Stulpen (aka arm warmers, aka gaiters, apparently) and told immediately to try some fancy knot work. Because, I was told, it’s just knitting stitches. And she was right, that wasn’t that much more difficult than regular knit stitch.

Except that I have fifteen thumbs and apparently six toes involved in knitting. I don’t think I’m ever going to love it the way I do embroidery.

But I got there in the end, so here it is. My first knitting attempt since the age of six. Please ignore the dropped stitches, the wonky lines, the terrible tension and all that. I’ve got an arm warmer now and I think it’ll stay singular.

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