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tree frog bag

Cross stitch frog with ribbon leaves

This is my new favourite summer bag. It was a surprisingly quick make, once I’d sat down and made metres and metres of bias tape. The outer layer of the bag is a really coarse kind of hessian I found ages ago and was just perfect to cross stitch on.  I used a photo of a tree frog peering through some long grass as inspiration and just took off from there. The cross stitch was done with embroidery wool and the leaves are ribbon that I also had lying around (sometimes having a ridiculous stash of fabric and thread comes in useful!).

Frog bag as modeled by Leon Dog Wonder

Frog bag as modeled by Leon Dog Wonder

I kind of freehanded the bag, so it has a large back pocket and the smaller, angled front pocket where the frog sits. The whole thing is held together by bias tape I made from the same fabric and which I also made the (slightly too long) straps out of. The only thing missing is a clasp or zipper, but as a quick tote it’s perfect.

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