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Modding a cross stitch pattern

You know how it is, right? Sometimes you just want to pick up a needle and do something small and quick. Something that didn’t require too much creative energy, but just fills in a bit of time with some relaxing, repetitive motion. Where it doesn’t really matter if you miss a stitch, or screw up your counting because it’s only a small piece of playing around.

About six months ago I visited MrXStitch without, wouldyoubelieve, taking any stitching with me. So on a rainy afternoon we visited a craft shop and I picked out two wee kits to tide me over and he challenged me to try and make them my own.

The first, a cutesy little mouse, I finished that weekend and it has found a home at MrXStitch Towers.

mouse before

mouse after

The second I didn’t get around to finishing until I threw my back this week and found myself admiring the ceiling for a few days.

helicopter beforehelicopter after

What about you? What patterns have you modded for your own purposes?

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