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a bit of midwinter cleaning

First up: apologies to any commenters who were wondering why their comments weren’t approved. I generally tryto grab all the real comments as they come through and approve them immediately, but sometimes I miss a few. I’ve just spent an hour going through the hundreds and hundreds of spam comments that built up and found a few real ones that slipped by me the first time. Hopefully I didn’t inadvertantly delete any now while I was lost in the mind-numbing repetition of enhancements, registry cleaners and comments starting with NiksLove. If you’ve commented and it was lost, please feel free to comment again!

Secondly, I’m going to be playing around with this site in the next few days, so expect things to be a bit odd for a bit. I’m a long way from being any kind of web designer, so it may take a few false starts to get it all running again. It’ll look quite a bit different soon and hopefully a number of the annoying bugs I haven’t had the time or energy to straighten out before will be taken care of.

And with all that, I wish you (as the Germans say) a good slide into the New Year!

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