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Big News!

I’m offering a monthly embroidery workshop (in English and German)!


Every first Thursday in the month, I’ll be hosting an embroidery workshop at La Bastellerie from 7pm. It’s 15€ per person (not including materials) and is a freeform workshop, meaning you can come in with your own stuff and some questions, you can grab one of my kits and follow a specific project, or you can just pick up some thread and a scrap of fabric and start stitching! I’ll teach you how to do the kind of embroidery that interests you – from beginner projects like counted cross stitch, to surface work such as crewel, to more advanced techniques like goldwork and stumpwork.

Currently I’m limiting it to 5 people and last month we booked out. So please sign up by emailing La Bastellerie (labastellerie at googlemail dot com) and if you do sign up, please show up or cancel by the day before so that we can offer the place to someone else.

Speaking of the day before… the first Wednesday of each month is the open Bastel Lounge, a Stitch-n-Bitch styled event for hanging out with folk and doing crafty stuff. No cost involved, just bring along your projects and join us (go on, you know you want to).

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If there’s anyone who’s going to be in Berlin next week, why not come along to my embroidery class at La Bastellerie? Thursday Feb 4th I’ll be doing a 3-hour basic introduction for anyone who has never picked up a needle, or who would just like a bit of help with the simple stuff. One month later, Thursday March 4th will be a slightly more advanced class, including transferring designs, stitching onto clothing and how to do some of the more complex stitches (French knots anyone?). You can do each independantly of each other and the price is 20€ without materials.

Please sign up beforehand by either sending me an email, leaving a comment here or going via La Bastellerie’s site (click on Anmelden to sign up).

Here are the details again in German:

Was Du schon immer über Sticken wissen wolltest, aber nie zu fragen wagtest:

Jacinta Lodge ( ) führt Dich gekonnt in die Kunst des Stickens ein.

Workshop-1, 4.2.2010, 18:30 – 21.30 Uhr

Sticken für Einsteiger
Hier lernst Du die Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit Stick-Nadel und Faden, was diese seltsamen Muster bedeuten, und die häufigsten verwendeten Stiche und Techniken. Am Endes des Tages hast Du dein erstes cooles Stück selbst gestickt!

Workshop-2, 4.3.2010, 18.30 – 21.30 Uhr

Coole Klamotten selbst gestalten
..oder Kissen, T-Shirst, Taschen, Tücher. Bring ein Kleidungsstück mit, oder beginne mit einem unserer Geschirrtücher. Lerne, wie man Designs auf Stoff überträgt und diese dann mit der richtigen Technik stickt. Gib Deinen Kleidungsstücken eine ganz persönliche Note. Verwende dazu eines unserer Designs oder bring ein eigenes Bild mit!

Beide Kurse können unabhängig von einander belegt werden.

Kosten 20 Euro / Abend .Materialkosten Extra.