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The whole grill trend that was going through the teenage American community a year or two ago had me completely confused, but I couldn’t help but think it would make for a nifty piece of goldwork. This piece I finished last year, with vague ideas of continuing a series, but instead it languished forgotten in a box on my shelf until I started cleaning out my study last week.

The face is made of simple straight stitches in black silk, while the grill is made of check purl chips and smooth passing thread. Big thanks also go to the photographic expertise of foto di matti.


Grillz closeup

Queen - graffiti cross stitch pattern
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This week’s pattern is now available on Etsy. Queen – ostensibly to go along with King, but in reality totally has control of the realm.

It’s an easy pattern with a straight forward colour palette and using only full stitches so it’s quick to stitch up.

King and Queen as matching cushions, perchance? Maybe I should do a Knave next….

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Since January, I’ve been doing a monthly column over on MrXStitch. I haven’t talked about it too much elsewhere so I though I’d give a quick run down here. The idea behind it (it’s called Improving Your Stitch) is to push us all a little in the direction of technique perfection and to stretch our boundaries with the how of our stitching (we’ve generally got the why and what covered pretty well, dontchya think?). Let’s move beyond that hasty split stitch – for something that takes hours and hours and hours to do, it’s worthwhile putting in a little bit more effort.

The summary so far:

January: Improving your stitch- The Suck:Awesome Ratio
A quick introduction to the who, why, what and how of getting your stitching from slightly sucky to a bit more awesome-y.

February: Improving your stitch – 7 Ways to Kickass Cross Stitch
Although my colonial upbringing tells me this should be spelled kickarse, I still go into some top tips for making those X’s perfect.

March: Improving your stitch – Sampling beyond the alphabet
What you can do to expand your repertoire… and it doesn’t just have to be your letters and numbers.

April: Improving your stitch – Filling out
Creating solid swathes of colour can be done with more than just satin stitch. But if you still insist here’s how to perfect that shiny, smooth surface.

May: Improving your stitch – Go on, touch it
Leave colour behind and experiment with texture. White on white can be more effective than you think.

So head on over and give them a read and make sure you let me know how your experiments go!

Mom graffiti cross stitch pattern
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Just in time for Mother’s Day! Last minute gift for your stitchy mom, or for yourself if you are one (face it, mom’s usually buy their own Mother’s Day gifts, right?).

And even better – in honour of this being my first Mother’s Day as a mother – this pattern is only 2€… and has an extra 50% off until May 13 with the special coupon code MOTHERSDAY2012. All in my etsy shop.

I wonder what my eight month old daughter will be getting me….

King – graffiti cross stitch pattern
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New pattern! A cross stitch graffiti pattern which would be perfect for, well, just about anything. (I’d love to see it scrawled across the back of a dining room chair myself). Available now in my etsy shop, StitchaliciousDesign!

Pretty- graffiti cross stitch pattern
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There’s a new graffiti cross stitch pattern in my etsy shop, StitchaliciousDesign. This one’s called Pretty and, like all the others, is based on a fully original piece of graffiti by me! All full stitches, no cross stitch or back stitch so it’s a quick and easy stitcher-upperer.

Commission patterns: Avery and Colby
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A while ago I was asked to create a couple of graffiti cross stitch patterns of a fellow stitchers children’s names and was thrilled to do it. Here’s what Colby (fan of royal blue) and Avery (hot pink aficionado) are going to have stitched up by their talented mum.

Commissioned pattern: Colby

Commissioned pattern: Avery

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Today I’m going to try an experiment that’s been floating around in my head for a while – I’m going to put out a little cross stitch pattern, line by line, via Twitter. This is only a 20 stitch x 20 stitch pattern, so nothing too complicated for a first shot! And if it all goes well, I’m planning on continuing it weekly… say, a TweetXS Tuesday?

So I’m starting it today: at 4pm Central European Time (3pm GMT for the Brits, 9am EDT for the Americans, and, sadly, 3am EST for the Aussies). I’ll post them line by line every, say, 10 minutes to my twitter feed. If you can’t join in live, search for the hashtag #tweetXS to gather them all up after. Or on my facebook page. Let’s see how it goes!

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Ever wondered what it would look like if embroidered graffiti was actually graffitied? Fashion and music photographer Matti Hillig and I did, so we’ve started a photo series using my cross stitch graffiti and playmobil figures rescued from an attic. I’d certainly want to head off tagging stuff if I’d been locked up there for thirty years as well.

First in the series: my Cute design. The full series can be seen here.

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It’s Big News Day today! I’ve finally, FINALLY launched my Etsy shop Stitchalicious Design.

I am selling downloadable cross stitch patterns inspired by street art and counter culture. All designs are 100% by yours truly and, after spending the last few months honing my tagging skillz, I think I’m ready to hit the streets.
I celebration of this, I’ll be releasing the first five patterns as one a day for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for each and  go on over and have a look – I think you’ll find these patterns are just a little bit different to the standard fare!