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Latest column on MrXStitch

Since January, I’ve been doing a monthly column over on MrXStitch. I haven’t talked about it too much elsewhere so I though I’d give a quick run down here. The idea behind it (it’s called Improving Your Stitch) is to push us all a little in the direction of technique perfection and to stretch our boundaries with the how of our stitching (we’ve generally got the why and what covered pretty well, dontchya think?). Let’s move beyond that hasty split stitch – for something that takes hours and hours and hours to do, it’s worthwhile putting in a little bit more effort.

The summary so far:

January: Improving your stitch- The Suck:Awesome Ratio
A quick introduction to the who, why, what and how of getting your stitching from slightly sucky to a bit more awesome-y.

February: Improving your stitch – 7 Ways to Kickass Cross Stitch
Although my colonial upbringing tells me this should be spelled kickarse, I still go into some top tips for making those X’s perfect.

March: Improving your stitch – Sampling beyond the alphabet
What you can do to expand your repertoire… and it doesn’t just have to be your letters and numbers.

April: Improving your stitch – Filling out
Creating solid swathes of colour can be done with more than just satin stitch. But if you still insist here’s how to perfect that shiny, smooth surface.

May: Improving your stitch – Go on, touch it
Leave colour behind and experiment with texture. White on white can be more effective than you think.

So head on over and give them a read and make sure you let me know how your experiments go!

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  1. Shaina says:

    Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your column on MrXStitch. The one where you went over tips for satin stitch really helped me and I can’t wait to try the texture thing out with some white on white.

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